UA Tech Park hosts summer camp for kids to work alongside start ups

Brooke Chau
Jun 21, 2023
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This summer the Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF) is bringing university level research to rural classrooms across our state for free.

This summer camp is taking place at UA Tech Park for 4th and 5th grade students to have the chance to be innovators and problem solvers alongside some of the biggest startups at the tech park and work on hands-on STEM projects

UA Tech Park tells KGUN9 it is crucial to foster an environment where young minds can see firsthand the possibilities of innovation in hopes to shape the future generation of leaders in our community.

“What's amazing is that we want them to leave with this feeling that something has been sparked, that creativity, that spirit of innovation," said Dani Wright at SARSEF.

This program is free thanks to the funding awarded by Governor Katie Hobbs and the Arizona Science Center.

“Camp innovation is a wonderful opportunity at no cost to Tucson parents thanks to the Summer Enrichment Grant from the governor's office and with our partnership with Arizona Science Center, and UA Tech Parks for this week's camp," said Wright.

The SARSEF camp is an expansion to SARSEF’S normal summer programs with the goal being to spark an interest in science. For more information on SARSEF's summer camps, visit their website.

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