Team SGNT is honored to make the University of Arizona Center for Innovation our new home. The breadth of facilities and services that are offered fall right in line with our company’s current goals and needs. As a startup, having access to all that the University of Arizona has to offer gives us a better spring board to our future success. We greatly appreciate the help and dedication to our success that we have received from the entire team at the University of Arizona Center for Innovation.

- Emil Tremblay, CEO & Co-founder


The University of Arizona Center for Innovation provides valuable guidance and support that is helping us begin customer segment identification and validation. The startup incubation program provided by the University of Arizona Center for Innovation is an excellent opportunity to start your technology company on the right footing before launching into the unknown.

- Dave Cornelius, DM., Founder


We are thrilled to showcase Stackhouse at UA Tech Park, but our vision does not stop there,” says Janelle Briggs, CEO. “After showcasing our container home here in Tucson, we will journey to Denver, Colorado where we will create our first 62-unit development to prove the Stackhouse model. This will be the first development and community of its kind, and we are proud to share that folks in Denver are excited about our concept and we look forward to seeing where the UACI launchpad continues to take us.

- Janelle Briggs, CEO