UACI is providing fabulous support to startup companies by connecting them to the resources of the University of Arizona and the Tucson Community. The new facility in Oro Valley is located in an area where some of the most valuable bioindustry leaders in the State of Arizona are located, which provides the companies the opportunity to connect to those businesses for a successful launch and expansion. TheraCea team is very excited to be able to use the laboratory and office space to advance their technical work, business mentorship and commercialization programs to move the company to the market.

- Iman Daryaei, Chief Executive Officer


UACI provides me with expert business coaching that illuminates my blind spots. After nearly four years of coaching, I stay with UACI because of the value provided by my mentor Steve Wood.

- Richard Austin, President / CEO


The University of Arizona Center for Innovation provides valuable guidance and support that is helping us begin customer segment identification and validation. The startup incubation program provided by the University of Arizona Center for Innovation is an excellent opportunity to start your technology company on the right footing before launching into the unknown.

- Dave Cornelius, DM., Founder