Valley Fever Solutions

UACI is the heart of innovation in Tucson. We have had a close affinity with UACI for more than a decade, we are thrilled to be part of the incubator with all of its resources, advisors, fellow entrepreneurs, and lab facilities for us to grow into.

- David Larwood, CEO

Auxilium Technology Group

Great mentors, continued support, amazing facilities and environment. The perfect bridge from idea to execution.

- Abraham Jalbout, CEO


Paramium is a "people-first" company. People are at the center of innovation and Paramium values the unique minds of our workforce,” said Roslyn Norman, Principal Investigator. “With federal and local support, we plan to commercialize our patented technology, grow our business and bring more jobs to the Tucson community. UACI has been a fantastic partner supporting us with people, programming and a unique place to help our business succeed.

- Roslyn Norman, Principal Investigator