As a UACI participant, you not only receive formal startup success training, you’ll also have unlimited access to ALL of the UACI resources available at regional outposts and within incubator programs. That includes support from our extended network of experts which contains domain experts, industry leaders and community-based service providers.

Facilities & Locations

UACI is distinguished for its “places” to innovate. Entrepreneurs have access to offices, meeting rooms, collaboration areas, wet and dry labs, a prototyping center, and the professionals who support these areas.
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UACI hires students from UArizona as interns to work with startups. Startups have access to these interns on a project-by-project basis to collaborate on activities such as market research, website development and much more.

US Market Entry Soft Landing Program

Tucson, Arizona is known for its relatively low business startup costs and high accessibility to major market connections including California, Texas and the Mountain West states as well as to the markets and manufacturing capabilities of Mexico.

This strategic location provides access to nearly seventy million customers in the United States and Mexico within a 1,000-mile radius. Strategically located, but without large city congestion and regulation, Tucson provides a high-capacity transportation infrastructure. These factors and more make UACI an ideal entry point into the U.S. market for international companies and startups.

InBIA logoIn 2020, UACI earned the prestigious Soft-Landing designation from the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA). With this official endorsement, international companies can be assured that best practice accommodations are in place so that a “soft landing” is ensured when entering a new country.