UACI 20th Year Anniversary

Twenty years ago, Tech Parks Arizona took a bold step in building an incubator to support startups in Southern Arizona, establishing the University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI). Tech Parks Arizona has utilized its network and facilities to provide an effective support mechanism for new entrepreneurial activities that advance technology innovation locally and globally.


Connecting entrepreneurs with the people, programming and places they need to move ideas from concept to market.

You will have the advantage of hands-on support from people who have a track record of success. We support early-stage technology companies at any stage of development.
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You will work side by side with other technology entrepreneurs in a fast-moving, collaborative and creative environment. You will have the advantage of hands-on support from people who have a track record of success.

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UACI's Entrepreneurial Experience

For entrepreneurs, taking a great idea or invention from concept to market can feel overwhelming. Success requires the right guidance, equipment and support; and there are several pathways forward. Business incubators can provide the necessary support to foster innovation and the University of Arizona Center for Innovation is Arizona's leading incubator with nearly two decades of successful outcomes.

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We support early-stage technology companies at any stage of development. Companies that gain the most benefit from our program are generally in the start-up or emerging phase of their business development.
We are proud to work with several promising technology companies, including:
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UACI provides me with expert business coaching that illuminates my blind spots. After nearly four years of coaching, I stay with UACI because of the value provided by my mentor Steve Wood.

- Richard Austin, President / CEO

Physis Biotechnologies L.L.C

Starting a business in science is complicated. It involves a lot of moving targets: funding, research, a good scientific team, vision, passion and commitment to see your vision through. UACI has been a valuable asset that has provided me with a realistic snapshot of where I am now and what its going to take to build a successful company. They've provided me with landmarks and a compass in helping me achieve my business goals. I'm really grateful to be a part of this organization and for the direction they've provided.

- Angela Chukly, CEO


UACI is providing fabulous support to startup companies by connecting them to the resources of the University of Arizona and the Tucson Community. The new facility in Oro Valley is located in an area where some of the most valuable bioindustry leaders in the State of Arizona are located, which provides the companies the opportunity to connect to those businesses for a successful launch and expansion. TheraCea team is very excited to be able to use the laboratory and office space to advance their technical work, business mentorship and commercialization programs to move the company to the market.

- Iman Daryaei, Chief Executive Officer